Anthony Gil has been doing mortuary transport  and trauma site management for over 15 years,  as well as handling removal and transport for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff/Coroner department.  

Anthony has a great reputation with both families and mortuaries, as well as law enforcement. He is known in the business for being caring, professional and thorough, and performing well during intense, high pressure situations.  



"Anthony Gil Has worked with us for over 10 years. During that time, he has shown extreme capability in working in the mortuary business. He is always kind, considerate and timely. He works very well with the local Coroner on very difficult cases. He also works very well with families that we serve.

He never hesitates to go the extra distance to help the families at the time of crisis in their lives. He also has been commended by the County Coroner for his excellent performance under the most stressful situations." 

Richard Crockett - Owner McDermott Crockett Mortuary

Additional references available upon request

"I first became acquainted with Mr. Gil while working for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff-Coroner's Office. I was assigned to the Coroner Unit. In all my dealings with Mr. Gil, he always presented himself in a professional manner and dealt with the decendent's survivors in a compassionate and professional manner as well."






Lawrence R. Gillespie- Retired Deputy Coroner-Deputy Sheriff for Santa Barbara County

"I have had the opportunity to work closely with Anthony, during my employment with Santa Barbara County Coroner's Office. As the unit supervisor, I was involved with the day to day operation of a very busy office; where I became acquainted with Anthony. During these almost daily contacts, I observed him [Anthony] display a high degree of motivation and perseverance. His appearance professional attitude and ability to get the job done are evidence of his ability to perform in a higher capacity. Anthony adapted quickly and was able to perform in complex and technical work environment, which was noted by my staff."

Based on his proven knowledge and personal motivation, I would unequivocally recommend Anthony Gil"


Dennis L. Prescott - Former Unit Supervisor for Santa Barbara County Coroners Office

First Call Staff

Daniel Flynn

Daniel Flynn moved to Santa Barbara from St. Louis, MO where he had been a Deputy with the St. Louis Sheriff's Office. Daniel was certified as a Death Investigator through the St. Louis University School of Medicine's Department of Pathology. He has served for 7 years with the Federal government's Mass Fatality team, DMORT.


Dan is very well versed in dealing with grieving families, having assisted Funeral Directors in every possible aspect of services. He has  worked over 1000 cases with Coroner's and Funeral service transportation, which has given him a great deal of experience with the protocols and proprieties clients have come to expect from Mortuary Accommodations.